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How to Whitewash a Dated Brick Fireplace

Last week I posted some fireplace makeovers that may inspire you to throw (or rather brush) some paint over your fireplace bricks to give the room a nice CLEAN look. And some of you are probably SCARED to do that. I know, I know, it’s a SIN to paint brick, right?! Well, I love to break the … Continue reading

5 DRAMATIC brick fireplace makeovers

5 DRAMATIC brick fireplace makeovers

I show a LOT of ugly houses. (Did I mention that I’m a real estate agent?! more about that here) Almost every ugly house (and many perfectly nice houses) have dark, dingy, dirty brick fireplaces. My clients get a creepy feeling from the room. I totally understand…especially when the room has all wood paneling and … Continue reading


Fireplace and Living Room BEFORE & AFTER

Our house: Living Room & Fireplace Remodel. Here are the BEFORE pics: I know they are ugly BUT we loved the HUGE window, Large fireplace wall, recessed lighting and endless opportunity!   Pretty sad looking, right?! After some bamboo flooring, paint, new fireplace build out and  glass tile, granite hearth, (oh and we closed up … Continue reading


Plasti Dip: Round 2

I have some left over red Plasti Dip from that cutting board project 2 weeks ago. I have a boring old wooden spoon and this pizza cutter (that I’m guilty of putting in the dishwasher and ruining the handle). A match waiting to happen!? I think so! :) I quickly opened up the Plasti Dip (which … Continue reading

cutting board

DIY Color Dipped Cutting Boards

I’ve been spotting some color dipped cutting boards in the $150-250 range at Anthropologie and a few other stores. And I had made a mental note many months ago about this stuff called Plasti Dip that is meant for dipping your tool handles (and probably suitable for many MANY more DIY projects.) I have ALWAYS … Continue reading

DIY garland wreaths

DIY Garland Wreaths

DIY doesn’t get much easier than this: Step 1: Buy sewing circles (I think that’s what they might be called?! I used them HERE for our nursery’s modern tree) and tinsel garland Start wrapping the garland around your circles like so: Tuck the ends in and/or tie a knot and you are DONE :)

DIY Modern Christmas Tree

After seeing these plans for a modern wooden Christmas tree on The Design Confidential, I couldn’t help myself… I don’t even care if it’s before Thanksgiving… I’m usually the one that gets angry at this time of year that people aren’t following the rules about waiting to decorate, listen to holiday music, and all that … Continue reading

concrete counters

Pour-in-place Concrete Counters

I know that many of you have been asking us to re-post our concrete counter project so here it is: WARNING: This is long so feel free to scroll through the pics for a quick summary. NOTE: This was our first time ever touching concrete….YOU CAN DO IT TOO :) We’ll do our best to … Continue reading

wood mosaic

How To Make Wood Mosaic Wall Art

You can make a BIG impact with a piece like this:   Here’s how it’s done: FRAME We cut 1/4″ backer board to the size you want. This one was 6ft wide x 2ft high. Then we framed it with 1×2’s and stained them. After sketching out a plan on how we should layout the … Continue reading


A Peek at our Studio

I finally have an art studio! It was a guest room, baby’s bedroom, and now ART STUDIO! Yay! Can you tell I’m excited?! :) Since our last post (building a farmhouse table) we’ve been busy selling tables, art, signs…on our Etsy shop: . We intended that Farmhouse Table to go to a customer but they … Continue reading


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