We’re Back!

Oh how I’ve missed DIY blogging!

I think you deserve an update before we get started on new projects!

I believe we left off just after baby boy #2 arrived,

Rory and Ian

and I had just picked up my Illinois Real Estate License. (Yay!)

Helped a few others and learned a TON about the market
(The learning never ends when you join a creative, make-things-happen real estate team!)

Got our house ready to sell…we’ll share some of those secrets too!

The Original DIY House

Took the plunge and put our house on the market!

It's official, the sign's in the yard!

And 30 days later we accepted an offer!

(As of this post we are about to close in just a few weeks)…and no, I have no idea where we’ll live next.

Time to get house shopping!

Anyone else out there buying or selling right now??Β 

P.S.-If you happen to be buying or selling in McHenry County, IL (especially if you love DIY projects!) I might even help you buy or sell your house and share ideas.


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