The right tool for the job

It has been a slow learning curve for us when it comes to buying tools. 

Here’s the most recent example of NEEDING the right tool for the job:

Our front yard requires a LOT of mulch! We could easily spent $500-1000 on mulch just for the front yard.
So, when we discovered the free mulch pile in town it was a magical moment!

We packed up the family and took the truck and a shovel to load up and then load up again. We were pretty exhausted by the time the mulch made it into the garden. (ok, it was just Dave was doing the manual labor) but I was pretty tired corralling the kids and watching :)

Rory was VERY excited to climb around on the ‘Mulch Mountains’ which looked very much like these:

Mulch Mountains

On our third trip to Mulch Land, a big-bellied, old farmer showed up in his Suburban with two garbage cans to fill. I was 100% sure that Dave was going to need to help him fill AND load it back into his vehicle.


That old man SMOKED us. In 5 minutes he effortlessly filled his bins and was on his way.

Dave and I looked at each other with a simultaneous understanding that we were leaving IMMEDIATELY to go pick up a new tool.

Here was that man’s secret:

Your new best friend for mulching

A mulch fork. I didn’t even know this tool existed. Tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know this??

I promise it will be worth every penny if you do any mulching or composting at all! We scooped and spread 2 more loads in triple time!

It’s all about having the right tool for the job.

We like to figure out how to do projects without buying too many tools. Probably because we are usually building things because it will cost less than buying the same piece of furniture, art etc…

But if you have to invest in a new table saw, jigsaw, miter saw, MULCH FORK…this list goes on…it will be SO worth it.

Anyone else out there have regrets about not using the right tool for the job?? Like maybe renting one of those little jackhammers to remove old floor tiles? or maybe a simple kitchen tool is in need…like a KitchenAid mixer (that one is still on my list!)


3 thoughts on “The right tool for the job

  1. Pamela Meek says:

    How much is that tool? What did you bring to put the mulch in? We get free mulch in our neighborhood too…

    • Kelly Davis says:

      It was around $20 at Menards, most people were using garbage bins, or those recycling bins…we have a truck now so we just loaded right into the back of it.

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