Project: Patio

Happy Summer To All!

I’m a little slow on the updates because I’m just SO happy to be enjoying my favorite month here in our neighborhood (with our house back on the market…yes the sale fell through). But the flowers are in bloom and the beaches are open. So I took the whole week off and haven’t even opened my laptop! I’m FINALLY getting to work on our neglected back yard and patio. So much to share…

Let’s begin with the patio set I bought with my $300 settlement from the car accident I got into last week. I’m not sure that I’d want to go through being rear-ended and having this tight back and neck again BUT since it happened I’ll at least enjoy this:

patio set

We got this 7 piece set for just $198 (Walmart) and the indoor/outdoor carpet for $.39/sqft (Menards). Very basic, but great prices and I think some pillows and lighting will really help!

I still think we should invest in colorful pillows and an umbrella or at least some sort of canopy.

In the meantime, I’ve attached three strings across the entire patio to hang some outdoor lighting. Maybe solar string lights like these:

Doesn’t that just look like a vacation?? Or maybe I’ll go with solar globes like these:

Solar Glass Globe Lights from

Oh how I love the color blue! Or maybe those round paper lanterns I see everywhere.

Without leaving the house today, I’m forced to settle on simple paper party globes (let’s hope it doesn’t rain!)…ok, I’ll put up a better picture when I have them all up!

Paper Globes

Please share…What do you love to see on a patio?

Are you as obsessed with solar lighting as me?

Tell me I’m not alone here?!


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