$98 portable gazebo…yes, please!

Do you have a really sunny yard like we do?

I love that summer sun even though the backyard gets pretty hot from 10am to 6pm. I’ve been desperate to find some shade!

A pergola or gazebo sure would be PERFECT! I have even googled some DIY ideas. But our house is back on the market and I’m not wanting to invest much time or money.

Thankfully I came across this $98 portable screen room and canopy online at Walmart! YES just $98. Not my favorite place to shop but you can’t deny that they have some GREAT deals. The reviewers seemed to like it but the main complaint was that it could blow away REALLY easily since the string/stakes that are included do practically nothing. Don’t worry, we have a solution…

Walmart’s Mainstay’s Hampton Gazebo

It goes up like a tent with pretty flimsy poles, but we easily fixed this problem by staking posts in the ground at each corner. We happened to have 4 temporary fence posts sitting around…usually used like these posts with the orange fencing:


We usedΒ zip-ties to attached the poles to our stakes, put the cover on and WOW was it sturdy. (I’m sure you could get away with shorter stakes too). It’s been windy here and my gazebo isn’t going anywhere! Yay!

Time to start DIYing an outdoor chandelier to hang inside that baby :)

Any ideas?? Maybe Pinterest will help me out!



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