Easy $25 DIY headboard

One of my first projects from 2 years ago (still looking good!):

We were looking for a STYLISH HEADBOARD for our king size platform bed (that we also built! See here) that wouldn’t break the bank. This headboard was so simple. Here’s how it turned out…

We used (5) 1×6 boards and cut them to the width of the bed (which was 86 inches in our case).

Attached those to some 1x4s we had on hand.

Yep, that’s me cutting our boards down to the width of the bed with our chop saw.

Then we sand ’em smooth

Square it up and start drilling it togethers

I pre-drilled the holes and put 2 screws into each board. Also left 9″ legs on the bottom since this is the height of our bed and I wanted the headboard to sit on the floor.

diy headboard

Here’s what the back looks like completed

Next it’s time to paint the front so I picked up 2 cans of Kona Brown color paint to match the bed frame. Espresso Brown is my other favorite if you don’t want the red undertones.

Here’s how far 1 can of paint got me…

The second can was plenty to finish this job and touch up any light spots. After patiently waiting for it to dry so I could carry it in…here’s the final result:

DIY Bedframe and Headboard

Voila! Bed is now complete. Time to work on those walls.

Can you believe how much they sell headboards for at the store? I think this project came in around $25 total including the paint…and a DIY ego boost (you don’t get that anyplace else!)

I also drew up plans for a twin size version of this bed here.

THANKS for visiting!

Please check out our other DIY WALL ART AND FURNITURE ideas….And if you’re not in the mood to DIY you can always BUY at our new {Built Concrete} Etsy Shop which features mostly concrete coated tables and wood wall art!

Know anyone that might like to build their own headboard? If so, please share!

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