DIY Mirror Frame

We gutted the Master Bathroom and its had an amazing transformation including tan linen texture tiles on the floor and shower and a beautiful double vanity with vessel sinks that we scored online for a GREAT price. We decided on a single mirror over the entire vanity with lighting fixtures above each vessel sink but the mirror needed to be exactly 6ft wide including the frame so we opted to buy a 3ftx6ft mirror to attach to the wall.

Here is how we attached everything:

1)We used mirror brackets to hold it in place while the TONS of mirror adhesive dried…got that tip on DIY Network. Who says watching TV is bad :)

2)Then we cut and spray painted 4 boards to frame the mirror

3)Then simply glued those directly to the mirror. We started with the bottom board using painters tape to keep it in place and a level to get it straight. After that dried we attached the other 3 boards still using tape and level to ensure perfection. The room seems twice as large now!

Here is our final result:

DIY Mirror Frame

What do you think??


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