“Spray Paint It”

Lately people have been asking me what to do with their worn out: table, patio set, swing, vases, baskets, picture frames, flower pots, mirror frame…the list goes on…and on….

My answer is almost always…“Spray paint it!”

It is the most simple (and affordable) DIY transformation for nearly anything.

What would YOU do with this basket?

$3 thrift store basket

“Spray paint it” would be the correct answer :) 

After a quick trip to the home improvement store I was the proud owner of the following: white spray on primer, key lime, and aqua colors (because I couldn’t decide which I liked better).

Spray paint

I primed the basket to make painting much more even:

Basket Primed and ready for color

After much deliberation between Key Lime and Aqua


Rustoleum’s Aqua Spray Paint

The color is pretty close to the blue in the robot toy box I made. Yes, I’m guilty of almost always choosing BLUE!

Finished Product

Now, what should I use it for? I don’t typically buy things for the house unless (1) I love it (2) It will make my life easier  or (3) I know exactly where in the house it is needed.

I convinced myself that it was NEEDED. I’m sure it will make rounds at my house changing from a pillow/blanket holder in the living room to a laundry basket in one of the boy’s rooms to another toy bin (you can NEVER have too many of those!). Any other ideas? Maybe a trash can. or even turn it upside down for a quick end table.

Have you spray painted anything lately? What color? Do tell…
(Here’s a link to flower pots and vases that I spray painted last year)

One thought on ““Spray Paint It”

  1. rachelle says:

    I love how just a little spray paint can completely change the look of an object. I had some metal planter baskets from Lowes that were black; I spray painted them a fun color to use in my son’s nursery as storage. Easy and cheap!

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