Ugly additions

Do you have an addition on your house that a previous owner built (and NOT the way you would have done it)?!

We certainly do.

Starting with the exterior…This thick white siding in NO way belongs next to our stone home. It stands out and not in a good way:

Sorry, bad pic and bad sample paint color…but you can see how the white siding really breaks up the house.

An addition should be an extension and improvement to a home. We could re-side the addition with thin, tan siding to match the home’s original time, or even fiber cement board siding painted to match. But for a quick fix (we are on the market to sell, you know!) we opted for a nice coat of paint.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Why didn’t we do this when we moved in over 2 years ago?

Oh, well I guess we were a little busy updating the interior of this addition.

After a little help from Rory (who’s 3 now):

Rory painting

And Daddy (we admit that he did the entire project on his own):

Painting exterior…in a better color

While Ian and I watched:


Here’s how it looks now:

Painted Exterior (on a super sunny day)

Then Dave decided to speed up the process (any excuse for a new toy!):

Spray painting the other side of the house

And he’s done:

An hour later…complete!

Looks better right?! Have you ever put on an addition?Β Or had to improve an old existing addition?

Did you make sure it matched the style of the home or go with whatever you like best? Hard not to do that sometimes.


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