DIY Concrete Table

Have you ever wondered how to make a stylish concrete coffee table or dining table that didn’t weigh a TON or cost a fortune?

pipe leg coffee table

Maybe it’s never crossed your mind but I’m going to share anyway. So, sit back and enjoy…

Step 1: buy  3/4 inch MDF for the top and sides of the table top. (This table is going to be 2ft x 4ft but we bought supplies to make a few tables)

MDF for table top

Step 2: Attach sides to table with RIDICULOUS amounts of wood glue and nail or screw in place. If you don’t get the sides and top to attach well, your concrete will crack on that seam down the road.

Wood glue is a MUST

Nailing the top to the sides

Step 3: Get your gloves on and be brave, it’s time to open the concrete bag. We used a 25 lb bag but just mixed about 1/2 of it with water (following directions on the bag). Mix it up and get your trowel ready.

Step 4: Get messy. And work FAST. Might be worth practicing on a different board first. Trowel the concrete in a thin layer over the table top and sides. Then patiently wait for it to start hardening (20 minutes or so). I like to rub any rough areas on the corners off before it totally sets (which will be in a few hours).

Resurfacing the table top

Spreading concrete on the sides

Step 5: Add any spray stains if you want a more brown or charcoal color. This will add more dimension and/or apply a few layers of water based poly to seal the table (so it won’t get water stains etc.). Makes it nice and shiny too!

Step 6: Attach the leg brackets and legs.

Attach table leg brackets and screw in the legs

Step 7: Take pictures. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, put your feet up, turn on DIY Network or HGTV and ENJOY another DIY project success! OR visit our Etsy shop and just buy a table :)

Modern DIY concrete coffee table

Close up of finished table

Or paint the legs your favorite color!

And a few other concrete surfaced projects from our past…

concrete dining table with the same process

or a vanity for your bathroom sink…

or a more normal 3ft x 6ft dining table

What do you think?! Over the top DIY ? or something you would try?

5 thoughts on “DIY Concrete Table

  1. Nerys says:

    Hi, du think this would work over a melamine counter top? Or would I need to sand the surface first so that the concrete has something to grab to? Thanks

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