Making Unique Tables

We are living the roller coaster ride of selling our house right now.  There have been a few times lately that we weren’t sure if we should be staging the house to go back on the market or packing to move in a week. Thankfully, we have very relaxed personalities and we are easily distracted! I’d like to think that some of our best work comes out of these moments.

I’ll be sharing a bunch of tables and art that we’ve been working on and some neat new adventures (like placing many of these items on a local shop!). Today I’m sharing my latest Wood Sofa/Console/Buffet Table….

-We started with a sheet of 1/4″ plywood (actually I picked up 2 sheets–one birch and one oak).

-We cut it into strips of equal size on the table saw. (you could also just buy little wood pieces at the hobby store but it could get pricey)

Then the staining began: We used a few stains that we had around the house and left some unstained.

Staining the wood strips

After they dry, it’s time to start the layout…I did a dry fit to see how I wanted them to look first.

THEN I glued and nailed each piece into a thick sheet of MDF that was cut to 18″ x 4 ft

(Psst…This would also make a nice wood wall art piece if you used a thinner board to attach so it wouldn’t be as heavy).

Attaching the pattern

We ran it through the table saw again to trim the wild edges!

Looking better!

Then we framed the outer edge with mitered 1x2s to hide the edges (and I just had to set it on the legs to see what it would look like)


These legs were just made out of 1x2s and 1x3s nailed together in a ‘V’ shape then glued and nailed to the 1×2 ‘frame’ of the table top.

Unique DIY Wood Table

Now I need your help! I can’t decide if I should leave the color alone and just finish it with a coat of clear poly or stain the frame and/or legs a darker color.

What do you think? 

Would you ever attempt to DIY something like this?! I’d love to make a nice chevron pattern table too or even just an art piece.

If you like it but aren’t up for the challenge, you can always just place an order through my new Etsy Shop :)


2 thoughts on “Making Unique Tables

  1. rei says:

    I love this as is! But I am into the whole whitewashing everything mode right now so I would paint it…Again, Thank you for this site…

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks! We still haven’t made a decision. I think I’m going to cut the legs down and make it into a coffee table. I’m loving white-washing too…about to post a whitewashed fireplace! :)

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