DIY Concrete Wall Art

Concrete Art. 

Sounds crazy (like almost every project we do LOL), but I promise these are super cool!  YES, you do have to be brave enough to mix up concrete or mortar mix or concrete resurfacer. But it really is as easy as mixing powder with water. And when making art you can’t even mess it up! You could even just use your hands and no trowel at all.

We typically do these with extra concrete mix left over from other projects.

In fact, most of my art projects are ‘UPCYCLED’ from left over scraps of wood or concrete. You’re welcome, Landfill :)

We just trowel the left overs onto a 1/4″ sheet of plywood/backer board or whatever scraps we have lying around in the garage.

Trowel concrete onto a board

It adheres really well to the board so we didn’t even bother with any kind of bonding agent.

Then just spray on a little concrete stain (this one below was made with two different shades of brown Rustoleum concrete stain). It’ goes on just like spray paint would. Then is soaks in nicely. Obviously I added some stick on letters from the craft store so it would spell “ART.”

DIY Concrete Art:

Concrete Wall Art: Raw Edge

I’m the crazy artist type so I liked it with the raw edge, but Dave wanted it to be more civilized so he added a frame. Just mitered 1x2s and routed out a groove (by running them through the table saw to take out 1/4″ or so)…and obviously we spray painted those.

Framed Concrete Art

Here are a few others I’ve made:

Abstract Concrete Art

Family Name Plaque:

Family Name Plaque

Pictures Coming soon of these versions as well:

A spray painted series in bright colors rather than stain.

And a Key Holder…

YOUR THOUGHTS?! Do you LIKE or DISLIKE the idea of textured concrete in the home as art?

I know this was DIY for the brave so you could always just BUY at our ETSY shop:

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