Build a Farmhouse Table

We built this narrow farmhouse dining table for someone as a request and I think it turned out AWESOME!

We trimmed the edges to remove the curve at the edges of the boards so it would be flat and easier to clean on a daily basis.

Then we started pocket screwing them together and attached them to support pieces.

Attaching the boards

Attaching boards to supports

Then we attached the aprons and legs (sorry forgot to take pics! Oops!)

I got to beat up the table before staining. I used a hammer (front and back sides), bag of screws to bang randomly, laid screws on the table and hammered them in etc…It wasn’t very noticeable until I stained the table.

We used 2 coats of Pecan color and here was the result of my ‘distressing’…

Distressed marks

More distressed marks

Here is the finished product:

Pecan stained Distressed Farmhouse Table

Completed Farmhouse Table

6ft x 28″ w Farmhouse Table

I might just have to keep this one! I’d love to make another one. Place your orders! :)

Would you ever attempt to build your own dining table?!
What scares you?…The table saw? The weight? Finishing techniques? Do tell…


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