A Peek at our Studio

I finally have an art studio!

It was a guest room, baby’s bedroom, and now ART STUDIO! Yay! Can you tell I’m excited?! :)

Since our last post (building a farmhouse table) we’ve been busy selling tables, art, signs…on our Etsy shop: www.builtconcrete.etsy.com . We intended that Farmhouse Table to go to a customer but they changed their mind so I got to keep it…which makes me VERY happy. It’s perfect for me to use as a BIG huge desk to spread everything out as you can see here:

My Creative Workspace

I even got to stock the dresser in the corner full of art supplies and packing/shipping goodies.

Here are a few of my favorite parts:

A place to hang new orders, shipping labels, anything lighter than concrete :)

Restaurant Style “Order Wire”

Quick Grip Clamps for Wood Art projects (also currently being used as a safety lock on our kitchen cabinet that little Ian keeps trying to get into!

Cutest clamps for little projects

I’ve been making new things out of some old 4×4 table legs. Like this kind of art (which I’ll share in a later post!):

4×4 sliced wood wall art

And these cute little reclaimed coasters which we simply coated with Poly and added felt circles to the bottoms:

Reclaimed Wood Coasters

And there were a couple newly ordered signs in process there too…gotta love new orders, right?!

So there you have it…my quick tour of my new room!

Are we the only ones that regularly move things around, change room functions?? Probably not, but we might be the only ones pouring concrete all over everything!


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