How To Make Wood Mosaic Wall Art

You can make a BIG impact with a piece like this:


Here’s how it’s done:


We cut 1/4″ backer board to the size you want.

This one was 6ft wide x 2ft high.

Then we framed it with 1×2’s and stained them.

After sketching out a plan on how we should layout the slats, 2×2 blocks and tiny 3/4″ blocks…

We started CUTTING

And cutting

And cutting…

Until we had this:

The slat pieces were made from 1/4″ plywood that was ripped down into 1″ strips.
The large blocks were 2×2’s sliced into different lengths.
The tiny blocks were made by ripping down 1×6 boards into 3/4″ x 3/4″ square strips then slicing them…YES you might go crazy if you do too many of those ;)

Then, we used a sanding block on any of the rough edges.


Set each block on cardboard and start spray staining

—NOTE: Yes! Spray stain DOES exist…go get familiar with your stain aisle at the Home Improvement store–

We used four varying shades and gave the blocks two coats each


Start placing all of your blocks and slats in place. You’ll likely need to trim some slats or make adjustments in your layout to achieve a perfect fit.

We got the layout looking good but weren’t happy with the coloring. The frame and slats would look better in a darker espresso color.

So we tested a new black color on a sample slat and LOVED IT.

Looks good,right!? Isn’t the fun strip of color great too..


And get some heavy items ready to hold the slats in place

What do you think?? Would you take on the challenge of making one for yourself?

Psst…If you love it but not up for the work you can always BUY one at our ETSY shop instead of DIYing it :)

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