DIY Modern Christmas Tree

After seeing these plans for a modern wooden Christmas tree on The Design Confidential, I couldn’t help myself…

I don’t even care if it’s before Thanksgiving…

I’m usually the one that gets angry at this time of year that people aren’t following the rules about waiting to decorate, listen to holiday music, and all that other general holiday joyfulness…sounds like a silly thing to be angry about in retrospect.

This year I choose Christmas JOY…even before Thanksgiving **gasp**

And having two little boys who’s eyes light up with every mention of lights, Christmas trees, Santa, cookies, etc is pretty great!

Okay, okay, back to the tree :)

We cut some random scrap pieces to different lengths (ranging from 3″ to 18″) to make our mini version of this tree (it’s about 2 ft tall).

I lined them all up to make sure we had enough to cover the entire dowel:

Then drill holes in the center of each piece: (We used a 1/2″ dowel so had to make sure the hole was at least that size):

Start threading them on the dowel. You’ll see that I decided to make the second piece up a little bigger so I could add little feet to it and still allow it to fold flat for easy storage).

Glued little fee onto the second piece…any excuse to use my favorite little clamps :)

Keep stacking them up:

After some white spray paint, lights and ornaments:

Complete! :)

And here’s that link again to the full plansΒ over at The Design Confidential.

You like?! How many trees do you put up at your house?

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