Plasti Dip: Round 2

I have some left over red Plasti Dip from that cutting board project 2 weeks ago.

I have a boring old wooden spoon and this pizza cutter (that I’m guilty of putting in the dishwasher and ruining the handle).

A match waiting to happen!? I think so! :)

I quickly opened up the Plasti Dip (which was as good as new!)

Dipped the handle in.


Wiped a little off the end so it didn’t have a big rubber tail.

Then stood there holding this thing. Whoops, probably shouldn’t have acted so quickly without thinking about where I was going to set this thing down while it dried. You cant just set it down.

So I used my best MacGyver skills, tied some twine around it and hung it up (with a paper towel under it just in case it dripped).

And here’s that finished spoon! Love. It.

Finished Products:

Plasti Dip Handles IMAG2616


What’s next?!? Any other ideas out there?

If it’s not covered in concrete here, it’s probably covered in Plasti Dip :)


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