About Us

“Do it Yourself?!”
I believe these were my words as Dave explained his idea of how he was going to pour concrete countertops right on top of my newly installed kitchen cabinets at our new house.

Not more than a week later he had me convinced by his (google/YouTube) research that it was not only possible but REALLY cool!

This was 6ish years ago and it definitely marks the beginning of our DIY and Real Estate adventures.

If we can buy a foreclosure with renovation financing and pour our own concrete countertops with NO prior experience we can conquer the world (or at least get licensed to do real estate and share ideas for house updates).

WELCOME to our (very fun) world!

Hi! I’m Kelly, a savy real estate agent (Far NW Chicago ‘burbs), DIY lover, adventure seeker, mom to 2 sporty little boys…and wife! I’m THRILLED that Dave is now a real estate broker too and ready to tackle another business (we also own a sports performance gym and online do online coaching)

  • We LOVE helping people find houses (and fixing them up too with our FULL SERVICE BUYING PROGRAM).
  • We LOVE helping people SELL their homes as fast as possible for as much as possible by following our custom checklist and smart selling tips

Get in touch if you are ready for us!


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