whitewash fireplace

How to Whitewash a Dated Brick Fireplace

Last week I posted some fireplace makeovers that may inspire you to throw (or rather brush) some paint over your fireplace bricks to give the room a nice CLEAN look.

And some of you are probably SCARED to do that. I know, I know, it’s a SIN to paint brick, right?!

Well, I love to break the rules! You should buy/do/have whatever makes YOU happy. But for those of you that aren’t ready to take that plunge, I offer up this more natural option:

WHITEWASH those bricks!

whitewash before and after

It’s not complicated. You just mix water and white paint (or I suppose you could do gray or tan, but would that still be called WHITEwash?! hmm…). Use whatever ratio you want depending on how transparent you want it to be. 3-4 parts water to 1 part paint would be a good place to start.

Then apply to your fireplace. Try rollers, brushes, rags…whatever works for you!

Here’s a great example of what I forced inspired my mom to do at her house: Continue reading


5 DRAMATIC brick fireplace makeovers

I show a LOT of ugly houses. (Did I mention that I’m a real estate agent?! more about that here)

Almost every ugly house (and many perfectly nice houses) have dark, dingy, dirty brick fireplaces. My clients get a creepy feeling from the room. I totally understand…especially when the room has all wood paneling and no windows in sight.

Call me crazy, but you will usually find me following behind with a little twinkle in my eye because I have this crazy ability to see the AMAZING potential that most people are unable to imagine!

I’m blinded by sweat equity potential that a simple paint brush can achieve (and the proof is in the before and after pictures that you are about to see).

I’m hoping to share more of these simple (and some not-so-simple) house remodeling ideas for you to keep in mind when you are out  buying your next home (or even tips to use when selling yours…or updating the one you have now). I’ll turn you into a DIY-er even if you’ve never done ANYTHING yourself.

There are many re-facing/covering remodels but these are a handful of painted ones that are just SO simple and dramatic (and budget friendly) that I had to share a few of my favorites from around the web…many of these bloggers have posted detailed how-to tips so you should click the links if you want more info.

1) Homemade Ginger



2) Young House Love



3) Goodbye, house. Hello, Home



4) Shab2fab



5) Design Lotus


I know. I know. Everyone thinks it’s a sin to paint brick. But I’m hoping you now have proof otherwise. There are so many colors to choose from, you can even paint it to look like a lighter color brick.

Happy painting! If it doesn’t turn out you can always build or tile over it, right?!

(here’s a link to our glass tile fireplace remodel at our first house)

Don’t worry, I’ll be showing you how to rid your house of those dated brass doors soon…

(I’m sure you know someone looking at houses or wishing their house would sell…don’t keep these secrets to yourself! Please share!)

Fireplace and Living Room BEFORE & AFTER

Our house:

Living Room & Fireplace Remodel.

Here are the BEFORE pics:

I know they are ugly BUT we loved the HUGE window, Large fireplace wall, recessed lighting and endless opportunity!

living room

fireplace (2)



Pretty sad looking, right?!

After some bamboo flooring, paint, new fireplace build out and  glass tile, granite hearth, (oh and we closed up that wall into the 2nd bedroom. Check out what we created!







Glass Tiled Fireplace

I thought I would dig up some old favorite projects to share. Especially since you probably won’t find them on the web for quite some time. (I still need to recover the files after the blog hijacking incident).

Let’s start with the fireplace. A main feature in the house.

This is what it looked like when we moved in:


And here she is after we added a concrete mantel, granite hearth, glass tiles and a little paint:

Fireplace update

Close up

Have you ever updated a fireplace? There sure are some really dated ones out there. I’d love to see how you updated your fireplace…