Full Service Buying Process

You choose the house. We coordinate the rest…
and it doesn’t even cost you anything. How great is that?!

STEP 1: What are your needs?

  • We will discuss your specific needs and set up an MLS search notifying you of any home that meets your criteria
  • Start talking with a Mortgage Broker/Loan Officer that will get you “pre-approved” to purchase a home and talk about your loan options (if necessary). We can refer you to some great people that we regularly work with.

STEP 2: The fun part!

  • House Shopping! We coordinate showings at a number of houses until we find a home for you.
  • We will share ideas and general estimates for any updates that you might want to make if the houses doesn’t fit your taste or needs…we LOVE home renovations! (there are even loans that include money for renovations, we have personal experience with this too.)
  • When we find “the one,” we will help you fill out an offer and work through the negotiation process using proven strategies to get you the best deal possible.
  • At this point (when we come to an agreement with the sellers) both sides sign/initial any changes to the contract and we will hand over your “earnest money” check (which will be cashed and held safely by a 3rd party) in an account until it is applied to your closing costs.

STEP 3: The not-so-fun part

  • We will refer you to a trusted real estate attorney to legally protect your rights, make contract amendments including post-inspection requests, coordinate closing and explain closing and loan documents.
  • We’ll help you set up the proper home inspection(s) and attend it with you to make sure you know the condition of the property. (You will pay for this service at time of inspection)
  • Based on your inspection results, it’s common to make some requests for the sellers to fix certain things or re-negotiate the sale price. Your attorney will make those requests.
  • We’ll be checking in on your loan status throughout this time as well to make sure that there aren’t any issues with the deadlines. Get ready to provide a bunch of paperwork and documents to your loan officer during this process.
  • Your attorney will also be in touch to discuss any questions, closing costs etc.

STEP 4: Closing Day
(30-45ish days after your offer is made)

  • We will schedule a final walk through of the property with you (just prior to closing) to make sure there aren’t any big surprises.
  • We typically attend the closing with you to make sure it runs smoothly. Your attorney will be present (and sometimes your loan officer)
  • We  (your buyer’s agents) get paid based off of an agreement with the seller’s broker  (so there is no charge to you, the buyer, for our real estate services or advice)


  • If the house you purchased was NOT up to your standards, or your style
    or just plain ugly and needs some updating, we LOVE coordinating renovations!

…think HGTV/DIY NETWORK where we will help you find and FIX UP your house!

Yep, we really do that sort of thing! (yes, this part costs extra but is WELL WORTH IT.

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