Work With Us

You need to live somewhere, right? If you need to move, WE WANT TO HELP. Did I mention that we are real estate brokers? Yes, we loved finding and fixing up our house so much that I decided to help others do the same thing!

  • Need help figuring out how/when/if you could SELL your home?!
    (And what updates you need to do to your home to make it sell FAST!)
  • Or want to BUY a new home? If you found your way here to my page I’m guessing you are willing to make a few DIY updates? Am I right?…or at least let us do them for you?

If you are in the (far) Northwest Chicago Suburbs (McHenry or Lake Counties) we might even personally be able to help you buy and/or sell! Wouldn’t that be fun??

If not, contact us anyway and we’ll set you up with an agent YOUR area. We have a great network of Realtors around the country.


  • We LOVE helping people shop for fixer-uppers but can appreciate a perfectly-staged, move-in-ready home as well.
  • We are super creative and love to strategize with our clients on HOW to get in (or out) of their current situation and moving closer to where they want to be (physically and financially).
  • We prefer to only work with fun people :) So get ready for idea sharing and DIY update ideas…especially if you are shopping with Kelly!

HERE’S HOW MY OFFICE DESCRIBES ME (and I think they are spot-on):

“Overflowing with an effervescence for whatever she takes on, Kelly’s fearless approach to life and learning have made her a quick success in the real estate world. Her never say never spirit delivers results on behalf of her buyers and sellers and her zest for adventure ensures it’s a fun ride along the way.”

Fill out the form below to get in touch…it goes straight to my inbox!

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